Monday, 28 June 2010

How to make apple pie

A nice wee quote from physicist Carl Sagan ruined by some terrible humour and editing on my part, and some more of the usual scribblings. I've only recently come across Carl Sagan thanks to some conversations with an old lecturer. Its odd that I'd never really took notice of his work before. I'd heard his name thrown about in the past and had a vague idea of who he was, but had never taken the five seconds out of my busy schedule to type his name into google. The best way I can think to describe him without putting in too much thought or effort to come up with a far more intelligent and informed comparison, is that to an extent, he was the Brian Cox of his generation. I've only seen a few interviews and clips of him in action but I'm fairly sure he might be fantastic. He seems to have a knack for turning what is usually presented as cold, hard and calculated science, into a form of poetry thanks to the way he describes the universe, his use of language, and his sheer enthusiasm and passion for the subject. Unfortuantely I'm entirely aware of how lame/geeky that sounds, but I'm sitting here writing this while wearing a pair of glasses that are held together by masking tape and glue, so I'm also entirely unsurprised.

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